Algae Awards – International Algae Congress in Hamburg seeks the best!

A call for nominations: International Algae Congress is seeking to find outstanding people in algae biotechnology for the awards in 2013. Help them in their search for the best! Check through your colleagues and professional networks. The IAC13 Team would be pleased to receive your proposals!

Following the pattern set at IAC11 (International Algae Congress 2011), a selected Commission of high rank Experts will once again identify the recipient of a Senior Award which aims to honour and show appreciation for an individual for outstanding contributions to the development of algae culture.

Encouraged by the positive feedback on this award, the IAC13 shall be seeking to present as many as three awards this year. We are searching for special contributions and people who have excelled in their work with algae. Alongside expertise and performance the focus will be on helpfulness and cooperativeness in dealings with colleagues and team work.

The following awards are announced:

Senior Award (lifetime achievement): The award winner has co-shaped and decidedly influenced the development of the micro-algae sector through his or her work. The winner is characterized by special features such as expertise, competence and teamwork and can come from the fields of business, research and academia or practical work.

Innovation Award (innovativeness): The award winner has developed a special technological innovation or process, or placed such an innovation or process on the market, which makes a major contribution to advancing or improving the production of microalgae.

Junior Research Award (research) The award winner has realized a scientific project with particular motivation and expertise and produced an outcome that is conducive to the microalgae sector. The candidate must be under the age of 35.

Who selects the winners? The Award Committee is made up of internationally active experts who are familiar with business, science and research and practical applications in the algae sector.

The members are:

  • Dr. Amha Belay, sr. Vice President & Chief Technology Officer at Earthrise Nutritionals, USA
  • Prof. Michael Borowitzka, Murdoch University – School of Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Australia
  • Prof. Lee Kuan Yin, National University of Singapore, Singapore
  • Dr. Bernard Van Lengerich, Chief Science Officer & Vice President, General Mills Inc., USA
  • Prof. Dr. Vince Ördög, University of West Hungary – Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences, Hungary

What do you have to do? Please submit your proposals to Christie de Vrij (christie.devrij[at] by 31 October 2013. You will find a form for nominations here.

Source: IAC2013