Algae congress confirms its strong international position

Floating Pavillion International Algae Congress 2012

Rotterdam, 5 December 2012 — Microalgae – the small versatile aquatic plants we all know so good – were responsible for gathering more than 110 participants from around the world in the beautiful Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam. The organiser, DLG BENELUX, chairmen René Wijffels of Wageningen UR and John Benemann of MicroBio Engineering, Inc. look back to a successful event.

Scientists and market were several times in intensive discussion at the 6th International Algae Congress in Rotterdam. The congress addressed scalability and sustainability of the process of algae production and refinery. Many international research project were presented. An Australian attendee said: “It is interesting to learn what is happening in Europe in the VS in harvesting technology and advancements in scaling up for larger commercial production”.

The congress programme consisted of seven different sessions with industry representatives as well as leading algae research representatives. Economic aspects and new business models were addressed at the first morning. On December 5th in the afternoon a site visit to the algae plant in Lelystad (ACRRES) was an interesting part of the programme. (Some of the attendees had in Lelystad their first experience with snow!)

The international character of the 6th edition was underlined by the fact that participants came from 25 countries, representing not only European nations but also companies and institutions from USA, Suriname, Canada, Japan, Mongolia, Morocco, Peru, Chile and Israel.

The 7th edition of this congress will be held in Germany on 3 and 4 December 2013.

Source: International Algae Congress 2012