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Algae Fuel NewsAlgae Fuel is a liquid renewable energy carrier, mostly derived from microalgae. Recent attempts take advantage on the high lipid content of algae to produce fuels such as biodiesel or jet fuels.

Today there are a lot of options to process microalgae, hydrogenation of algal oil seems to be trending, producing a synthetic paraffinic biodiesel.

Various companies around the world are joining the race to set up a sustainable and economically feasible production and gaining their share of the market. Different technological approaches and business models compete to succeed.

But Algae Fuel is not the only algal source of energy. There are different possible products like oil, ethanol, methane, and hydrogen being researched.

Watch the Algae Fuel companies trying to be the first one to conquer the World Biofuels Markets with news from the AlgaeObserver.

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