Algae World MENA Summit Brings Global Algae Experts To Dubai

Mideast and North Africa are emerging as a key R&D hub for algae based products with cutting edge research and technology projects at Qatar, Abu Dhabi University, Masdar Institute and University of Mansoura Egypt, Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research. Centre for Management Technology’s Algae World MENA Summit in Dubai on February 25-27 will see the largest congregation of global algae experts to analyze and assess the future growth for an algae driven economy.

MENA region is geo climatically endowed with the key criteria- vast non-arable land, plentiful sunshine, wastewater and CO2 availability -for algae growth and has seen large investments in algae based projects.

Masdar City, one of the most prominent projects in the industry, is an extensive and ongoing R&D effort that focuses on renewable energy and sustainability. Professor Hector H. Hernandez, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering and Professor Dr. Robert M. Baldwin, Professor of Chemical Engineering of Masdar Institute of Science and Technology will share their insights on development of microalgae strains from UAE, high value chemicals as well as biofuels co-production and value-added by-products respectively.

Latest updates from Qatar Airways’ and the Saudi Arabia Biorefinery Algae project including Kuwait’s Dunaliella Salina and Jordan’s first Spirulina project will provide a comprehensive assessment of progress made so far.

To add value to your participation CMT offers a separately bookable workshop on “Algae and CO2 Capture (Process Economics & Cultivation Efficiency)”. An optional site visit to Masdar Institute and the Algae Research Laboratory is also being arranged for a deeper understanding on the region’s expertise and potential in algae.

A global conference organizer, Centre for Management Technology last ran the successful 5th Algae World Asia Summit in November 2012 in Singapore.

More information on the Algae World MENA Summit is available on AlgaeObservers Algae Event Calendar the conference website.