Algal Biomass Organization: Statement on Use of Algae Fuel in Great Green Fleet Demonstration

On July 18th the U.S. Navy began its Green Fleet demonstrations in Hawaii–the largest display of biofueled naval power yet. Biofuels derived from a variety of sources, including algae, will be used in U.S. ships and aircraft as part of the Navy’s effort to reduce its reliance on imported oil. In support of the demonstrations, Mary Rosenthal, executive director of the Algal Biomass Organization, issued the following statement.

“The Algal Biomass Organization congratulates the U.S. Navy on its use of domestically-produced fuels made from algae as part of its continued testing program for biofuels. Today’s successful demonstration of the “Great Green Fleet” at the Rim of the Pacific Exercise is the latest in a series of tests by the Navy and other major players that show that algae-based fuels can perform the same, or better, than petroleum fuels.

Fuels made from algae are made in the U.S.A, are 100-percent compatible with existing infrastructure, and in the near future, will be price-competitive with petroleum. By developing domestic alternatives to petroleum, the U.S. algae industry is helping reducing our reliance on imported oil, creating manufacturing jobs in rural communities, and strengthening our national security.

Source: Algae Biomass Organisation