CSA MarineBiotech Launched

A sound strategy for marine biotechnology research, technology development and innovation and a concerted coordination of relevant national and regional programmes are urgently needed in Europe. Funded by the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme as a Coordination and Support Action ‘MarineBiotech’ CSA MarineBiotech is a response to this, aiming at an ERA-NET in marine biotechnology that can deliver ‘smart, sustainable and inclusive growth’, a core objective of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

Bringing together 11 partners from 9 countries, MarineBiotech will work with Europe’s other initiatives including SEAS-ERA, ERA-IB, ERA Bioenergy and the new Joint Programming Initiative in Healthy Seas and Oceans, as well as other relevant projects and programmes.

The main goal of the CSA MarineBiotech is to reduce current fragmentation and duplication, and pave the way for common programmes and cooperation. This will include the provision and utilisation of common research infrastructures through a future ERA-NET in marine biotechnology.

This requires:
  • Mobilisation of funding agencies and key stakeholders in the marine biotechnology
  • Gaining a better understanding of the marine biotechnology landscape in Europe and beyond
  • Informing a targeted audience about Marine Biotechnology research, technology development and innovation (RTDI)

  • Sketching the contours of future cooperation between funding agencies in the area of marine biotechnology

  • Developing a vision of strategic marine biotechnology RTDI that is shared by the interested funding agencies and stakeholders

The CSA MarineBiotech is a collaborative network of eleven partners from nine countries who support marine biotechnology research and development in Europe. The consortium includes funding agencies, non-profit organisations – involved in research funding, research strategy and other funding -, beneficiaries delegated by their relevant funding agencies and one delegate of the KBBE-NET working group on marine biotechnology.

You may get more information concerning the network and the recent activities on their homepage.