Renowned experts converge at the 5th Algae World Asia

Mr. Daniel Simon, President & CEO of Heliae Development, LLC, Dr. Jeff OBBARD, Scientific Advisor at Cellana LLC, Mr. Abhiram Seth, Managing Director at Aquagri Processing Pvt Ltd, Dr. Sebastian Thomas, Technical Advisor at Parry Nutraceuticals, Assoc Prof. Lee Yuan Kun, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology, National University of Singapore (NUS), and Shilpa Ramani, Scientist at Novozymes South Asia are just some of the key experts expected at the 5th Algae World Asia on 7-9 November in Singapore. Together with other industry leaders they will be on hand to analyse recent developments in the algae industry and to discuss the future of the algae sector.

As attention to sustainability and bioenergy escalates among governments and corporations, algae has made its way into the spotlight with the promise of a wide variety of applications ranging from a source of food to feeds, fertilizers and fuel. Algae research has opened doors to diverse possibilities and means to harness the true potential of algae on a commercial scale. Research and development of algae and its supporting technology have come a long way, creating significant changes in the industry, along with an upswing in demand for algaebased products such as astaxanthin.

With that in mind, Conference organizer CMT has drawn up a 2.5 day program agenda that will showcase the advancements in the algae sector, strain collection and maintenance of marine macroalgae, tissue seaweed culture techniques using photobioreactors, biofuel production, and emerging biofertilizer applications in Asia, chiefly Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Vietnam, and China.

At the 5th Algae World Asia, a separately bookable workshop entitled “Algae Harvesting & Extraction of Bio- Compounds For Production of High Value Ingredients” which runs on 07 November 2012 from 14:00 – 17:00 hrs. The workshop will be conducted by Dr. Chen Shulin, Professor, Department of Biological Systems Engineering, Washington State University. Additionally the summit also presents its delegates with an optional site visit to Biopolis on 09 November 2012 from 14:00 -16:00 hrs.

More details of the event can be obtained at our Algae Event Calendar

Source: CMT Events