IGV Biotech Presents Novel Algae Screening System

Nuthetal, Germany, 26.11.2012 – IGV Biotech presents a novel high-end screening photobioreactor for laboratory scale microalgae research. The xCubio-PBR is particularly designed for the requirements of scientific and quality research approaches. The compact design of the tubular module and the removable illumination device allow a steam sterilization of all media-touching parts in one in laboratory autoclaves.

xCubio Algae Screening PhotobioreactorApplying the tubular design principles, all their advantages allow the production and analyze of relevant amounts of high-value microalgae biomass. A new milestone of photobioreactor development has now been reached with the novel photobioreactor „xCubio-PBR“.

The process control system by BBI Biotech completes the novel high-end product for microalgae research. From a construction kit, the customer can choose arbitrary sensors and control components, which are essential for specific demands. Central microalgae research issues, like type and intensity of illumination, CO2-concentration or pH-value, were key factors for the development of the control system. The intuitive and clear design of the operating elements for process control and data logging in hard- and software provide easy system handling.

The first presentation of the xCubio-PBR will take place at the International Algae Congress 2012 on December 04-05 2012 in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Source: IGV Biotech