Lufthansa and Algae.Tec to Build Algae-Biofuels Plant

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PERTH, Australia and ATLANTA, Sept. 18, 2012 — Algae.Tec Limited is pleased to announce that Algae.Tec and Lufthansa have signed a Collaboration Agreement for the construction of a large-scale algae to aviation biofuels production facility. The site will be in Europe adjacent to an industrial CO2 source.

Lufthansa will arrange 100% funding for the project. Algae.Tec will receive licence fees and profits from the Project, which will be managed by Algae.Tec. As part of the Agreement, Lufthansa commits to a long-term offtake agreement of at least 50% of the crude oil produced at an agreed price.

The agreement forms the base for a long-term cooperation between Algae.Tec and Lufthansa for the industrial production of crude algae suitable for conversion into aviation kerosene and conventional diesel fuels.

The Agreement states:

“Both parties will jointly develop a large-scale industrial algae oil production plant based on Algae.Tec’s technology and operating support, and Lufthansa’s offtake commitment for such algae oils.”

Algae oil produced by the Project shall fulfill at all times the EU Renewable Energy Directive (“EU-RED”) and shall be certified according to ISCC-Standard.

This agreement builds on and supersedes the MOU signed between the two parties in January 2012. It is subject to final Board approval of both parties and the final sign off for the algae oil conversion into aviation kerosene. A final feasibility report will be completed once the first site has been selected.

Source: Algae.Tec


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  1. algenbewunderer 20. May 2013 at 13:53 Reply

    Wenn das funzt…..wirklich mit Lufthansa die Anlagen stehen, ab ca.2015, dann bricht die industrielle Energie Revolution in Kraft und verbreitet sich dann wie ein Lauffeuer unter den Fluggesellschaften, denn dann sehen sie das es machbar ist….Allein diese Anlage lufthansa Algae.tec von dene ich auch Aktionär bin, könnte dann die energetisch Welt verändern!

    Wie es halt immer so ist,einer machts vor, die anderen dann wollens nachmachen und das Algenöl wird dann viel günstiger als konventionelles fossiles Öl wenn immer mehr mitmachen. Siehe ecoduna mit Omega3 Herstellung. Der fischfang ist damit pasee

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