Nutress’ Chlorella receives NATRUE certification

Ochten, The Netherlands,  September 2014 – Nutress BV, a producer and seller of algae (- products) for the feed, food and pharma industry, received NATRUE certification. Nutress’ algae biomass meets this international standard for natural ingredients. The raw Chlorella originates from the Netherlands and is solely cultivated in Ochten. The renowned NATRUE label for natural cosmetics complements the company’s existing ISO 22000 Food Safety certification.

The international market increasingly demands safe, natural and organic products. Correspondingly there is a tendency towards nutraceutical products; ‘nutrition’ and ‘pharmaceuticals’ are more than ever entwined. The consumers’ awareness of the food and cosmetics carbon footprint, together with the growing demand for pure and high quality products, is growing in these interwoven markets. Nutress’ unique Chlorella cultivation process, which belongs to the highest production standards for ingredients, is the company’s innovative response to these influential trends.

“The raw Chlorella of Nutress is the first clean fresh water algae in the world to obtain NATRUE certification. One of the many advantages of this certification is that it is fully compliant with our vision and strategy; to contribute to a more sustainable world. As a result, this Dutch Chlorella benefits from being widely available to the ever growing algae market for the inner as well as the outer beauty”, says Reinier Smit, Managing Director at Nutress BV.
The NATRUE label represents natural and organic cosmetic products that have been manufactured and processed in a soft and environmentally friendly manner. The quality driven, independent verification process and internationally-recognized standard and label, were the key stimuli for Nutress to apply.

NATRUE certification is now available for the raw material Chlorella. Various feed and food products in the Nutress’ portfolio will benefit from this cosmetic certification as well. Other skin care products containing NATRUE certified Nutress’ Chlorella will be registered soon.

Source: Nutress