New Photobioreactors: bbi-biotech proceeds with IGV Biotech’s proven design

IGV Photobioreaktor

Starting March, 1st 2015, bbi-biotech integrates IGV’s photobioreactors into its own life science product portfolio, since IGV management has announced to quit this sector in 2014.

IGV and bbi-biotech have signed an agreement that gives bbi access to the collected know-how of photobioreactor construction and operation. “We are now able to continue the glass tube photobioreactor portfolio from lab scale up to industrial outdoor installation.” says B.-U. Wilhelm, CEO of bbi-biotech.

Latest technological developments from biotechnology and life sciences will be implemented into the existing concepts, which will result in an upgraded photobioreactor series without extra cost.

In the past, IGV permanently continued its photobioreactor development. This resulted very early in a partnership with Bernd-Ulrich Wilhelm, which is supplier of bioreactors and fermenters of the xCUBIO series for biotech research and production companies worldwide. He contributed automation systems for more than 100 photobioreactors during this partnership, while IGV concentrates on microalgae processing and application until today.

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