Renewed World Energies To Test Algae-to-Fuel Pilot Plant

Charlotte’s first Eco-industrial Park, ReVenture Park, announced an agreement today with Renewed World Energies (RWE) to develop an algae-to-fuel pilot plant with plans to quickly expand into a full commercial scale bio-fuel facility. RWE has been developing a commercially viable system to turn algae into cleaner burning fuel and high-energy feedstock for alternative energy plants. The patent pending systems will be used to create different strains of algae that will be utilized to create everything from transportation fuel to health supplements. The initial facility is expected to be operational Sept. 30th, 2012.

Founded in South Carolina, the leaders at RWE saw great opportunities at ReVenture Park. “We were attracted to the eco-industrial synergies at ReVenture Park. North Carolina NC also seems to be more attuned to the renewable fuels, and offers multiple benefits for showcasing new technology”, Richard Armstrong, President.

ReVenture Park is situated on nearly 700 acres of a former textile dye-manufacturing site. Abandoned for years, it is now being transformed into Charlotte’s first Eco-Industrial Park focused on the research and creation of green energy technologies. “We are pleased to have struck a deal to have RWE move a facility to ReVenture. RWE was attracted to the sites extensive existing infrastructure which then can utilize and there are multiple opportunities for us to collaborate.” Tom McKittrick, President Forsite Development.

RWE Algae PhotobioreactorThe sustainable benefits of using algae are enormous. Growing and cultivating algae actually draws greenhouse gasses out of the atmosphere. Algae is a renewable resource that grows rapidly and the production has zero impact on the world’s food supply. There are numerous species of algae and each one has its own unique characteristics. As a result, today’s algae systems may end up being tomorrow’s source for other products more valuable than oil.

Already, RWE’s exclusive system produces algae oil and algae cake, which can be fed as a food supplement to livestock or to make fish feed. Algae by products are also used in a multitude of products, everything from pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, to eco-friendly fertilizer. This is proof that algae is no longer just a smart source for clean fuel. Algae is now smart business.

Source: ReVenture Park