Solazyme Receives Fuel Registration From EPA for SoladieselRD

South San Francisco, CA – August, 2012 – Solazyme, Inc., a renewable oil and bioproducts company, announced today that it has been granted registration for SoladieselRD fuel by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This registration enables SoladieselRD to be sold commercially either in blended and unblended (R100) forms.

„To our knowledge, SoladieselRD is the first 100% microbially based fuel in history to receive an EPA fuel registration for use as a “neat” or unblended product,” said Bob Ames, VP Fuels Commercialization, Solazyme. “Our Soladiesel® and Solajet™ fuels have been extensively demonstrated in a wide array of platforms from cars, light trucks and buses, to commercial and military jets, helicopters, large commercial shipping vessels and Navy destroyers. These higher performing advanced biofuels will lead the path forward to reducing emissions and increasing energy independence. This registration is another key milestone in Solazyme’s mission to commercialize drop-in replacement fuels as we continue to build out our renewable oil production capacity.”

In tests conducted for the EPA registration, SoladieselRD met or exceeded the ASTM D975 specification for conventional diesel fuel. SoladieselRD performed substantially similar to petroleum diesel and even reduced NOX emissions by approximately 10% when tested in modern diesel engines. In a measurement of the combustion quality, SoladieselRD exhibited a Cetane Number greater than 78, which is more than 60 percent better than standard U.S. diesel fuel, indicating SoladieselRD is a high quality fuel.

SoladieselRD is the first algal-derived fuel to be successfully road-tested in blended and unblended (R100) forms for thousands of miles in unmodified vehicles. SoladieselRD is compatible with existing infrastructure and can be used with factory-standard diesel engines without modifications. Solazyme has been involved in a multitude of testing and evaluation partnerships involving our fuels, which range from an integrated testing and certification program with the U.S. Navy, to fuel evaluation programs with Volkswagen and Genentech and commercial use by United Airlines as part of its Eco-Skies program.

Source: Solazyme